What People Are Saying About Us

Over the weekend I attended a workshop Melove held on self hypnosis and it was immediately helpful! The guided meditations Melove led during the seminar were really effective. She also taught how to use the same structure to work on specific problem areas in our own practice. I definitely learned a lot in the few hours we worked together and would highly recommend seeing Melove!!
— M.K. Denver, CO
This past weekend I had the privilege of attending one of Melove’s workshops on mindfulness and self-hypnosis. I can already tell that the tools she taught me will impact my life for the better. During this workshop, she thoroughly explained the states of hypnosis and how to achieve them for your best personal benefit. She also led multiple guided hypnosis sessions with the group, and I immediately felt the calming benefits of her techniques! As a complete beginner to hypnosis, this workshop gave me all the tools needed to implement the practice into my life. Thank you so much!
— R.S. Denver, CO
My experience at Inner Soundness working with Melove was wonderful. I saw Melove to work through an addiction to soda and I’m happy to say that I haven’t had a soda in 1 month. This is quite the change from the 2-3 cans I was drinking previous to my sessions here. I met with Melove 3 times over the course of three weeks and I immediately saw a difference. I love her use of different interactive methods to help ingrain new habits. She gave me the tools to lower the urges to grab a can of soda anytime I was stressed or bored or just wanted something fizzy. The continued support via the audio recordings is also a great tool as I continue down the path that Melove helped me forge.
— M.M. Denver, CO
Melove’s guided meditation services have been great for helping with my issues with insomnia - she uses a combination of techniques that make her approach to dealing with learned behavior issues like trouble with sleeping incredibly effective and innovative. Would definitely recommend her!
— C.B. Denver, CO
Melove is an amazing coach and mentor! She is so knowledgeable about what she does and infuses it with so much compassion and kindness. I have learned so much from her since I’ve started working with her truly value the new skills that I have acquired thanks to Melove’s guidance. She is truly gifted at what she does! Melove’s approach is so unique and effective and I feel lucky to be able to have her as a mentor and coach!
— M.A. Aurora, CO
Melove is an awesome therapist, this was my first experience and she make me feel very confortable, I can feel her interest to help me, her great energy, knowledge and love for what she does. I highly recommend her and I’m so looking forward to put in action what I learned ......To be a better version of myself ♥️🙏 Thank you Melove!!!!!
— M.S. Aurora, CO
Melove is amazing! She’s so easy to talk to and makes the whole process effortless. I had little expectations going into hypnotherapy, but I was a bit skeptical that it wouldn’t work for me. After just two sessions I’m seeing great results. In addition to the sessions, she gives you tools and techniques to reinforce the practice. I’m finally feeling in control and confident in my healing. Thank you Melove!
— M.M. Centennial, CO
Melove is absolutely wonderful. She really takes the time to understand your story. The progress I’ve made after 1 session is amazing. I’m excited for the changes in my life to come!!!
— B.J. Denver, CO
I’ve been a smoker for most of my life. I have quit before, but started again for some stupid reason. Quitting was always so incredibly difficult on me. Stress gets out of hand and my temper flares up rapidly. Nobody wanted to be anywhere near me when I tried to quit. I didn’t even like me then! This time I tried something completely different to rid myself from this expensive habit. I saw Melove Tindall and enjoyed hypnosis as a means to quit. I was totally shocked at how easily I abandoned those nasty cigarettes after just one session with Melove. She is a master at her craft! I was having nicotine fits before I visited her and that was within hours of my last smoke, but after ONE session with her, I never lit up again! My cravings were minimal and the aroma therapy she provided was completely adequate to chill the withdrawal anxiety issues I’ve had during earlier efforts to quit. Its been two weeks now and I haven’t lit up once! I still crave them, but it is easy to squash that desire without raising my voice, or lashing out at an innocent bystander. Just a couple deep breaths and the desire is gone. I know I wouldn’t have succeeded in quitting on my own. Melove made the difference. I totally recommend her to anyone who suffers from similar habits that can be corrected. She can help you if you sincerely have a desire to change aspects of your life.
— G.R. Denver, CO
Melove helped me relax and focus on my truths. After 2 sessions with her, I felt lighter. Her process helped rid myself of trauma and anxiety.
— K.F Denver, CO
I absolutely love my sessions with Melove. Hypnotherapy and meditation is all very new to me, and she has made it such a calming experience so far. I am a very anxious person. After just the first session, I noticed myself responding to stressful situations much better. I feel calmer and fall asleep at night with so much more ease. The main reason I decided to pursue hypnotherapy is because I have a bad hair pulling and nail biting habit that I couldn’t figure out how to stop. After we had a session focused on these issues, I haven’t touched my hair or nails. This is huge for me, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so thankful for these sessions with her.
— K.J. Denver, CO
I had incredible results and immediately had my life change for the better. I should have done this years ago!
— J. R. Centennial
I had been seeing a college counselor for nearly six months and continued to feel worse, that’s when I found Melove through research. Within a few weeks of seeing her I am starting to notice happiness returning and stress slowly being minimized. She is personal, intellectual, and kind. Her unique techniques used and the exercises, oils, and meditations she gives you are essential for practicing emotional wellness and awareness. I am very grateful for the tools she has given me to better myself.
— M.L. Denver, CO
The best experience ever! Melove is beautiful and awesome from inside and out, and she knows what she is doing. I am smoke free since two weeks after only one session with her, and I miss her already and looking forward to meet this Angel again soon. Thank you Melove! You are the best! 😍❤️
— N.L. LoneTree, CO
Melove is so easy to talk to. I started to feel better after my first session and have already gained so many tools to help myself.
— A.S., Texas
I absolutely LOVE Melove’s hypnotherapy, I have gone to her since 2015. She has helped me quit smoking and helped me control my stress levels. I have recommended her to others and they always say how comfortable she made them feel.
— V.H., Aurora, CO
Amazing woman! I love her real life experience that can truly relate to real life, much more than other therapists I have seen! She keeps the sessions authentic and it does not feel like you’re at a therapists office.
— C.R., Denver, CO
I had a lot of anxiety and fear before I booked a session with Melove at Inner Soundness. After the first session I felt at peace for the first time. It was an incredible experience! I highly recommend everyone to at least try it once. Inner Soundness helps you be a better you. The results last. Thank you!!
— J.V. Denver CO
MeLove does an amazing job! She truly connects with you as a client and takes the time to really hear what you have to say in order to make an individualized plan for your sessions. I already can’t wait for my next visit! I’m very much a believer in hypnotherapy because now I’ve seen/felt it myself!
— H.H. Aurora, CO
I was very hesitant to give hypnotherapy a try because I only knew what I had seen on tv/movies and thought I wouldn’t be in control of myself or that something weird might happen. Luckily, a loved one convinced me to go because it has been the best thing that has happened for my mental and emotional health. I was struggling with severe insomnia, where I wasn’t sleeping AT ALL for 4-5 days at a time. My physical health was declining as a result, and my anxiety was at an all time high. I had tried every possible sleep remedy you could imagine and nothing helped. I was at the end of my rope. My first session with Melove was reassuring as she explained what hypnotherapy is really like and what she does. I decided to commit to 3 sessions to give it a fair shot. After those 3 sessions I was noticing a lot less anxiety but I still wasn’t sleeping. I wanted to stick with the hypnotherapy because of the reduction in my anxiety, which is something I’ve struggled with most of my life. In my fourth session, we really hit a breakthrough on what was causing my insomnia. Since then (about 2 months ago) I have been sleeping well about 6 nights out of 7. It has been a complete 180 from where I was. I’ve learned tools to manage my anxiety and help me fall back asleep on those nights that I do wake up. My entire quality of life has improved, as well as some of my personal relationships, and I continue to see Melove for help working through past trauma and negative thoughts. It’s been an amazing experience!!!
— L.R. Denver, CO
What a happy soul & contagious as well!
She really has a gift to short-wire those neuro-pathways to the ones I prefer, like cravings to work-out & extra patience! But MOSTLY - I can now fall to sleep so soundly & keep my mind quiet for the night!!! Yay - I feel so rested every morning now. THANK YOU Melove - you’re the jack-pot! =)
— J.B. Castle Rock, CO
Wanted to say thank you so much Melove you helped me and helped my relationship and stress in my life . I really recommend Melove to people if you want to have a positive and calm life ❤️
— S.N. Thornton, CO
I gave Inner Soundness ( Melove ) 5 stars because I highly recommend anyone that is feeling down or overwhelmed or even overworked to go see her. To start, she is such a kind soul and you can tell she loves what she does, that is helping people be the best they can be! After the first week I met with Melove for my eating habits I felt as though I was a better version of myself, I was so positive about everything and Instead of wanting to binge eat like I have for years, I had more control over what I ate. I went in for one thing and came out with more then I could have even imagined. I will continue to see Melove because I want see what else she has in store! Thank you Melove for everything you do for the people of Colorado!
— S.J. Denver, CO
Melove is a fun and energetic woman who makes the experience very comfortable. She provides additional tools to help the client work past their issues outside of her sessions. I look forward to our future sessions.
— T.G. Glendale, CO
I can’t thank Melove enough. After years of talk therapy she was the one who actually gave me tools. I have more control than I ever have.
— J. B. Denver, CO
I absolutely LOVE Melove’s hypnotherapy, I have gone to her since 2015. She has helped me quit smoking and helped me control my stress levels. I have recommended her to others and they always say how comfortable she made them feel.
— V.H. Aurora, CO
Melove is wonderful, she cares about the person and does everything on her power to help you. She listens , can relate and is wonderful. She guided me to find the power within me
— V.A. Denver, CO
I found Melove to be both perceptive and effective — my results have been very good following her suggested interventions.
— S.K. Denver, CO
Couldn’t have been a better experience. I went for anger, overall happiness, and to quit smoking. I’m no longer losing my temper, life seems more meaningful, and I haven’t smoked in almost a month. If I didn’t just look at the calender I wouldn’t have known how long it was because I haven’t thought about it. That’s how helpful her therapy was. You can be open and yourself during your session. Just be open minded and ready to see quick results. I’m very thankful.
— D.M Aurora, CO
It has been such a blessing to find Melove and Inner Soundness! Since going there she has taught me amazing tools that allow me to continue to heal and grow. I am so thankful for everything she has done!
— H.L Broomfield, CO
I went to deal with insomnia. After two sessions and the relaxation tapes provided, I’m back to sleeping normally.
— G.C. Denver, CO
As soon as I read Melove’s response to my inquiry I knew she was the person I wanted t o hire. Her name says it all. Her style is a great combination of scientific method, alternative medicine and eastern traditions.

If you are suffering or stuck in any aspect of your life, she can show you the path to inner peace by changing the way you process the thousands of thoughts you have each day.

As long as you are willing to take the steps to healing, she will show you how to get results. You will see that you are human, unflawed and worthy of self love and love from others in spite of your circumstances or past.

From the awesome view of the front range in her office, to the scents she provided, to sharing experiences of her own journey, the entire session was one of the most relaxing and effective therapies I have had.

Experience the power of someone who has found their calling helping others improve their lives through hypnotherapy. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in just a couple of hours.
— R.D. Westminster, CO
“I am so happy I found Melove. I have had one session, I have bought two more, and I am sure I will go back for other issue I need to work on. I am excited about going back to her because she has several great techniques that have already started working for me!”
— A.H. Aurora, CO
Loved Melove’s approach to hypnotherapy and the recordings that I can listed to daily. Very calming
— M.H. Denver, CO
“Melove is patient and listens without judgement. I’ve enjoyed my time with her.”
— K.F. Denver, CO
We are so grateful to you for the amazing gift of forgiveness presentation you gave. It is quite interesting how you can bring such a diverse group together in telling your story. The interactive activities to engage the group and bring people together, and the guided imagery touched many. Your presentation can be helpful for so many organizations and I can’t say thank you enough for your effort and time that you dedicated to give back to the community. - Carrie Solano & Vanessa Valdez
— Mental Health Center of Denver
Melove has been a big part of transformational growth in my life. She has helped me to grow my self-confidence and to overcome insecurities. Later on, I went through her weight-loss series, which has given me several tools and techniques to get healthier. Her techniques are welcoming and powerful. When I need support I listen to the guided meditation recordings that she gave me as part of hypnotherapy sessions.
— R.G. Aurora, CO
Melove graced a group of us with a guided cellular release session. I had never experienced something like that, very helpful and thought provoking, thought freeing. I highly recommend her!
— D.O. Denver, CO
Melove is a wonderful person who is kind and passionate about helping others. Her guided meditations help you become very relaxed. She is easy to talk to and she is very understanding
— A.K. Aurora, CO
Melove is a true pioneer in her field and a goddess of transformation. I have been blessed to work with her and I truly look forward to continuing my journey of inner healing with her for a very long time to come. She is incredible!
— J.B. Highlands Ranch, CO
Melove is such an amazing hypnotherapist. I went to her for problems with an eating disorder a couple of months ago and after just one session I notice such a huge difference in my disorder. Now I can happily say that I am completely recovered and I owe it all to Melove.
— R.J Aurora, CO
Melove is an active listener and did wonders for my twin daughters to address their issues in a short period of time.
— R.H. Englewood, CO

I was very skeptical that hypnotherapy would work, but it does! Melove is fantastic! She makes you feel very comfortable, walks you through the process, and doesn’t stop until you are better! I had insomnia for years and since going to see Melove I haven’t taken any sleeping pills, I have slept well almost every night, and my stress and anxiety levels are so low. I highly recommend Inner Soundness to anyone looking for an alternative approach to healing.
— N.H. Lakewood, CO
My experience with Melove has been great. She is absolutely the best at what she does!
— R.B. Aurora, CO
Melove is AMAZING! After years of relying on a sleep aid, and bouts of sleeping eating from anxiety, I am finally able to get a natural restful nights sleep with no interruptions! After a few sessions and some tools given to me by Melove, I was able to sleep on my own and have not slept ate since! She has also helped me tremendously with self love, confidence and acceptance.
— N.S. Denver, CO
I had a fantastic experience with Melove. She took the time to understand what I was struggling with so she could use the best possible techniques that were best for me. I felt extremely comfortable and have already had great progress and am scheduled to go back next week! I am excited to see the continued progress, it happens so quickly!
— C.H. Lakewood, CO
Melove is fantastic. Never had any type of therapy session before and after working with Melove I felt 100x better. I believe she truly works magic.
— A.H. Denver, CO
Melove is wonderful! She is extremely professional and informative. Melove creates an individualized plan to help the issues you would like to work on and the results are evident from day one. She is honest and understanding and truly cares about her clients’ well being.
— H.L. Broomfield, CO
This is one of the best experiences I have had! It was comfortable and welcoming and I felt relaxed and able to really do this. Melove is amazing and very professional. I am excited about finishing up the treatments and seeing more results. Cannot recommend this enough!
— T.B. Englewood, CO
I have worked with Melove for close to two years. I owe my website to her, and my ability to move past an old relationship of three years. Every time we meet I am more enlightened on the things I am capable of doing. If you have challenges in your life for any situation from weight loss to life in general I highly recommend getting in touch with her and seeking the help to move past whatever situation is keeping you from reaching your highest potential.
— S.C. Denver, CO
Very pleased with the service. Melove is very easy to talk to. Felt very comfortable upon arriving and definitely felt better after our first session. Looking forward to our future sessions and to feeling better soon.
— R.A. Denver, CO
Melove is a great person to work with. She makes you feel so comfortable and explains everything thoroughly so you know exactly what to expect from this form of treatment. She never makes you feel as though “you’re crazy” or the issue you’re trying to work through defines you, but rather that we’re all works in progress and you’re taking steps to improve yourself to live your best life possible. I also love that she provides you with recordings so you can practice on your own before the next session. I highly recommend Melove, you won’t regret it.
— R.E. Centennial, CO
Amazing, intuitive, supportive, smart, friendly — did I say I was impressed?
— J.P. Lakewood, CO
Great insight!
— T.G. Denver, CO
I love your calming and positive stance. I feel hopeful for the first time in many years that my anxiety can go away with your wonderful presence, skills and awareness. This is happiness!
— J.D. Centennial, CO
My experience with Melove has been amazing! Her intuition and receptiveness have helped me so much. I feel totally comfortable talking to Melove like I’ve known her for years. I’ve had great rails so far!
— N.S. Denver, CO
I can’t believe how much better I feel about myself and the world around me. I’m finally able to see positive things!
— E.K. Aurora, CO
Wonderful, very helpful and very kind.
— D.G. Denver, CO
Everything is always absolutely amazing!!! New office is beautiful!!
— S.C. Brighton, CO
Awesome, caring, professional! Love her!
— N.C. Northglenn, CO
Melove is helping me with quite a few different things but my first session (besides the intital meeting to see if she could help) was about my self esteem and negative thoughts. It is not traditional hypnotizing, where you think you are going to be all “gone from the world or out” and you are completely aware of your surroundings and what she’s doing. A huge bonus for those who are not wanting that or those fearful of being taken advantage of! I left feeling extremely happy and couldn’t stop smiling, a weird feeling for me but a great one! After just one session I am already being able to feel better about myself (how I look, what I am worth, etc) and am finally being able to feel hopeful about the future again. She has already helped me more than my last therapist, and I spent 3 years going to him!! She really does live up to and exceed all expectations I have. This has really has changed my life! :)
— A.R. Commerce City, CO
Melove provides professional services at a very reasonable price. After a handful of sessions with Melove, I was able to overcome some of my ‘life roadblocks’ and start living my life to its fullest. I am grateful for how Melove helped me and I highly recommend her.
— K.H. Denver. CO
Melove is a joy to work with. She is a true professional at what she does and has worked miracles with my children with finding their inner peace. I would recommend her to anyone.
— R.Y. Parker, CO
Such a nice person. My time with her was appreciated and very powerful. Very relaxing, I can’t wait for my next appointment. Thanks Melove!
— S.W. Montbello, CO
Melove has broken a 15 year habit of smoking in less than 2 hours, I’m still shocked beyond belief. I am so thankful of her services!
— V.H., Aurora, CO
Melove is a joy to work with and amazing at what she does! This visit was life changing for me! Absolutely AMAZING!
— S.C., Brighton, CO
I have been seeing Melove for a short while now. In the couple of times I have seen her she has helped me tremendously in how to deal with stress and learning to be happy with myself and life again. I am happy to have come across her name and glad I made her my choice!!
— T.S., Commerce City, CO
I love my sessions and learning about hypnosis. Very relaxing and she cared for me and my depression issues I’m dealing with.
— R.A., Littleton, CO
I met Melove at a meetup group. We talked about the type of work she did and I told her that I would love to have my daughter come and have work done on her. For years my daughter and I have not gotten along and I brought my daughter in to see Melove and in less than three months Melove through the work she has done has brought the connectedness of me and my daughter back together. I am forever grateful for the work Melove has done for my daughter. Melove has given my daughter back to me! If I had a ton of money I would be in her office every day having Melove clearing the baggage that my daughter needs clearing.
— H.A., Denver, CO
Melove has helped me greatly understand myself and has helped me address important issues in my life. I am thrilled to have found her!
— K.S., Parker, CO
Melove is very professional and has deeply knowledge in the relaxation therapy and hypnosis.
I was so lucky Melove had helped me with my back pain which was cost of randomly muscle spasms. I absolutely will continue my relaxation therapy sessions with Melove and will be more then happy to recommend her as a very capable professional in this subject.
— A.Y., Denver, CO
Melove is such a pleasure to work with and to be around. I first saw Melove out of pure curiosity looking to learn more about her work. What started out as curiosity became routine sessions. She helped me to uncover various blocks I did not even realize were creating obstacles. Later on, it became apparent meeting Melove could not have been at a better time in my life. She guided me through very difficult times of transition with work, health and family. I am grateful to have met Melove. She has a passion for helping people and providing a safe experience that can be beneficial for anyone that is looking to gain further insight and direction in their journey.
— M.B., Aurora, CO
I am giving kudos to Melove Tindall who does hypnotherapy at her business called Innersoundness. For myself and my daughter, she has been smoking for years and she took her last smoke today and it made her sick. My daughter told me she no longer has a desire to smoke. Thank you Melove for breaking such a horrible habit for my daughter! I can’t thank you enough!
— H.T., Aurora, CO
My experience with Melove is best described as fulfilling and an extremely rewarding experience. Melove has a gift to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. My time with her was appreciated and very powerful. Thanks Melove!
— R.A., Denver, CO
I really enjoyed my session at inner soundness. I found Melove to be very caring, professional and calming. I needed to quit smoking so I scheduled an appointment. I never smoked again after that session and that was six months ago. Not only did it help me quit smoking the session also cured me o the nicotine cravings. Thank you Melove!
— C.A., Denver, CO
Melove, thank you for the time spent with me today! I had no idea hypnosis could be so powerful. It truly was everything I needed and more to enhance my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You will always be highly recommended with my sphere of people.
— R.A., Denver, CO
I had an amazing session to stop smoking, I left feeling so energized and positive about my goal. I’m very excited with my results so far.
— A.R., Denver, CO
My daughter struggles with confidence and self esteem and so I took her to a group meeting with Inner Soundness and Melove Tindall was able to somehow get through to my very skeptical daughter. After spending some more time later on with her she not only got control of her pain but she had the confidence to go talk to a guy, which is so unlike her. Thanks Melove for helping me get through to her, to help give her confidence. You are awesome! Highly recommend!!!
— J.A., Denver, CO
I had a session with Melove to stop smoking. I can honestly say that I have not had a single craving since! Also cigarette smoke disgusts me. I have always enjoyed smoking and never thought I would be able to quit. But I have and it’s one of the best things I have ever done. Thanks Melove!
— A.C. Aurora, CO
All of my life, I had anxiety answering calls, the complete inability to eat tomatoes (they made me throw up) and a really bad phobia of balloons. After one session with Melove Tindall of Inner Soundness, these three factors that prevented me from living my life are now gone. I look forward to working on many more things with Melove. I know with her effective techniques, I’ll be anxiety free and living how I want in no time and I am VERY excited. Thank you so much, Melove!
— B.K., Aurora, CO