Understanding Your Past

Resolving Childhood Issues

Do you want to change the way you interact with your parents?

Do you want to have different emotional responses to him/her.

Does it feel like you want the power back?

Is the way you were raised interfering with your current life?

Do you wish you mom and/or dad could be someone who s/he isn’t?

Is there trauma or abuse in your childhood that has never been resolved?

As parents, we all do the best we can, given the tools we are given. Our adult selves are formed through our upbringing with the lessons and views our parents instill within us. If your mind's childhood "programming" is impairing you as an adult, you may need to address your childhood-based subconscious in order to overcome these issues. Let’s work together to co-create your new life's script. Rewrite those old thinking patterns that don’t work and create a positive outlook for your life that bring about fulfillment and happiness.

Inner Release Technique 

Do you have deep rooted fears, shame, insecurities or anger?

Are you in need of forgiveness and acceptance, not only with others but with in yourself?

Do you have walls up where you are scared of being rejected or judged?

Do you have deep rooted issues that you can't articulate or even look at?

Do you know what those deep rooted issues are?

Are these issues holding you back from your full potential?

Are you ready to get your inner peace and soundness?

We have this outer image we portray, in order to protect ourselves because we all want love, acceptance and respect.  The fear that someone can see our deep dark secretes and we will be rejected and judged, hold us from looking deeply with in for our healing.  

Even in therapy people filter their words and feeling, because we don't want to be judged.  It may take years in traditional talk therapy to get a client to go deeply and become that vulnerable.

With Inner Release Technique, I can help people get to those deep rooted issues so much faster, where the fear of judgment is completely taken out of the equation of the client's healing process.  I can help you release the deep rooted emotional blocks and so you can get your inner soundness.