Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation has long been used for spiritual purposes and now people these days are starting a meditation practice to help with stress reduction and other health benefits.

Recent research suggests that meditation may provide a range of health benefits (possibly due to its stress-reducing effects). For instance, studies show that a regular meditation practice may help promote healthy sleep, protect against heart disease, enhance memory, aid in pain management, alleviate depression, and relieve anxiety.

Do you need help with stress, anxiety, depression and or insomnia?

Do you want to stop the negative chatter and beating yourself up?

Do you want to find inner peace, love and acceptance?

Do you want more clarity, focus, direction and motivation?

You will learn mindful meditation with each session and also receive a mp3 guided meditation recordings to help reinforce everything that we worked on.  


Has someone in your life hurt or caused you harm?

Cheating, infidelity, or abuse?

Is there an incident from your past that you cannot let go of?

Have you tried to get on with your life, but you keep coming back to that resentment?

Do your thoughts turn into anger, condescension, or behavior that you regret?

Are you contributing to the problem by not being able to forgive?

Do you have guilt, regrets, pains... and are constantly looking back?

Do you need help forgiving yourself?

Forgiveness takes strength. To let go of something painful takes courage, a cognitive shift, and an ability to pull out of that part of your brain that doesn't want to let go. Realize what you need in order to let go, honor it, and make the choice to be free.

Let us help you learn to move on. Let’s work together to break this cycle so that you can guide your thoughts and feelings to those healthy things you want into your life. Use the power of your mind to change how you perceive of yourself!