Melove Tindall, CHT


I am devoted to your personal growth and well-being and I have additional training in weight mastery, phobias, regression therapy, smoke cessation, EFT, NLP,  cellular release and inner release techniques and neuroplasticity rebalancing. 

Going through my own healing journey with mindfulness meditation, I have created a Inner Release Technique where I can help people on a much deeper level of their healing path and being able to release deep seated emotions, feeling and memories. We all have different blocks that hold us back. So what I was able to do with meditation, I've created into hypnotherapy and taking clients through their healing journey.

We have this outer image that we portray, in order to protect ourselves and to have love, acceptance and respect. The fear that someone can see our deep dark secrets and that we will be rejected and judged, holds us from looking deeply within for our healing. Even in therapy people filter their words and feeling, because we don't want to be judged. It may take years in traditional talk therapy to get a client to go deeply and become that vulnerable.

It's amazing when I see my client go through this experience and in helping them get that true inner soundness that we all deserve. When you are ready to take on the healing journey, I can help you reach the deep rooted issues that may be holding you back from creating the amazing life's journey. 

I began my career in the business world. I have over 20 years of experience as a corporate Trainer and Coach, helping to develop individuals and teams alike. I have held numerous management positions, have worked with the Chamber of Commerce as an Ambassador, and have sat on the boards of several local non-profits. It was during my time as a volunteer group meditation guide working with at-risk youth that I came across hypnotherapy. Today, I am able to offer the best of both worlds to help enact positive changes.

My clients and I work together to customize the sessions based on specific needs, whether it is hypnotherapy, Inner Release Technique, EFT, NLP, neuroplasticity rebalancing techniques or the teaching of different forms of self-meditation healing techniques. In these private sessions, we work together to find the right techniques best suited for the client.

The highest concern of my sessions are to help clients achieve their personal objectives. To accomplish this, it is essential for me to develop a positive, healthy rapport with each client. My clients' personal comfort and ease in dealing with me as their coach has proven to be the key to this success. I make every effort to create the safe and trusting environment that each client deserves.  To get to know me a little better, call me if you'd like to set up a free consultation.

Audio Recordings

In addition to individual and group sessions, I provide supplemental audio recordings to clients who want to practice meditation and self-hypnosis at their leisure, in the convenience of their own home or office. These recordings are available free of charge to any client using group or individual services. For a complimentary free download, please sign up for the Inner Soundness Newsletter.



I offer a FREE no-obligation,nitial consultation. The consultation lasts approximately half hour and is the ideal opportunity for you to discuss your needs with me.

The consultation provides you with the chance to ask any questions and learn more about what the sessions entail. By the end of the consultation I will discuss a hypnotherapy plan with you, outlining how many sessions you can expect to have.

Session are 90 minutes and also includes an MP3 recording to help reinforce what we worked on.


Packages:  In Office, Skype or Phone  

1 Session       $150       (Must be used within 60 days)

3 Sessions     $400      (Must be used within 3 months)

6 Sessions     $750       (Must be used within 6 months)

10 Sessions   $1000    (Must be used within 12 months)


Speaker Fee:
Varies dependent on duration and nature of the event.  Please call or email for more details.


Payment due at time of service:  Visa, Mastercard, Cash, HSA and payment through FSA accepted.



Cancellation Policy:

Since we have reserved our appointment time for you, it is our policy to charge for cancellations received with less than 24 hour notice unless we are able to reschedule the appointment within the same week.  Missed appointments are the responsibility of the client.