Let Yourself Relax


Is stress making you sick?

Are you often fatigued?

Are you having body pains that may be related to stress?

Can you no longer enjoy yourself or have fun?

Are you tired of the way you are feeling?

We all have stress in our lives; how we handle the stress (and what we allow to cause us stress) determines the quality of our lives. Stress causes more harm than one would expect. The physiological effects of stress can lead to a myriad of physical symptoms.

We will discuss the causes stress in your life and how to handle that stress. We examine what you would like to change about that stress. We also look at the unwanted, unhealthy behaviors people often use to cope with stress and what effects these have on the body and in our lives. We will then discuss how to replace unhealthy behaviors with new healthier behaviors, such as exercising more, sleeping soundly, practicing meditation or being able to see creative solutions to our daily challenges. Once we have identified these better behaviors and feel confident that we can make changes can happen, we will begin manifesting those changes through hypnosis and training you on meditation techniques.

We also teach “self-hypnosis" to help you recall states of relaxation when you are feeling stressed, along with other tools to help you adjust to the “new you".

Make a change. Unplug yourself from for demands while still being responsible. Create a new more balanced you!


Are you restless and irritable?

Do you feel like you've taken on too much?

Does thinking about a particular situation or interaction cause you to feel panicky?

Is anxiousness interfering with your social relations, job, or school?

When people suffer from anxiety, it leads to the avoidance of certain situations out of fear of triggering anxiety or panic attacks. This can lead to problems in personal relationships or an inability to develop new social relationships. Anxiety issues can also prevent people from pursuing job opportunities, getting promotions, or achieving the career growth they deserve.

With our busy everyday lives, many people feel overwhelmed and anxious. With hypnosis, you can learn how to relax into a calm state where the external world no longer pulls you at its own speed. You can gain the confidence to be socially secure and trust your inner wisdom to get you through stressful situations. With hypnosis, you can conquer specific issues like test anxiety, social anxiety, or public speaking anxiety.

You have the power to free yourself! Imagine what your life will look like once you are no longer ruled by your anxieties.


Do you have difficulty sleeping?

Do you lie in bed night after night tossing and turning?

When trying to sleep, is it hard for you shut off your brain?

Are you exhausted when you wake up in the morning?

Let’s work together to find a way to quiet your mind and train your body to follow. Through guided imagery and specific techniques, you can learn to train your mind and body to let go and enter a state of deep relaxation.

You can do it! You already have the map. Perhaps you have simply forgotten how to read it. We can help you identify the obstacles and clear the path so you can get the sleep you deserve.