End of Life Journey and Celebration

We assist in helping the elderly, sick, dying, their family and loved ones promote their life celebration for the end of life journey. We are completely present for you and your family at your time of greatest need.

Life Journey Coaching

  • Depression
  • Forgiveness
  • Release & Heal
  • End of Life
  • New Journey
  • Saying Good Bye
  • Closure
  • Grief Support

Life Celebrant

There are several instances where a celebration can be conducted other than at a funeral. Imagine a Living Life Tribute for a person who is still with us. We whole-heatedly believe that every life deserves to be celebrated. The celebration itself can come in many forms. A person’s life story can be shared and therefore honored and remembered

Families often feel overwhelmed with the task of writing a traditional eulogy. We help walk families through their memories by asking questions and by being in their midst, helping them share their memories with each other. It's from these conversations, that the person’s life story emerges.

Life Celebration

  • Interfaith, non-denominational, secular and spiritual service.
  • Foster a safe space where it is OK to grieve. Many pastors never talk about grief.
  • Connect to the past. It is important to remember where we came from.
  • Create comfort through ceremony. Lovingly, respectfully, and momentously say goodbye.
  • Embrace the reality of what has happened and that everything is different.
  • Express the significance of loved ones by enabling them to tell their stories.
  • Encourage participation. Families may choose to include prayers and scripture in their service.
  • Family participation may integrate lovely tributes using candles, roses or other precious articles and rituals.
  • Life recipes may be added to a service and keepsake copies given to guests to take with them.
  • Be completely present for the family at their time of greatest need.

Funeral Guide

We will interview the family about what they want for their loved ones remains, help them choose the right funeral home and disposition, help them process paper work and obituary.

  • A service could be conducted when the cremated remains are given to a family or scattered or the dedication of a marker.
  • A Celebrant could create a holiday service or a dedication service for a cemetery or funeral home.
  • We can make a profoundly positive effect on the customer experiences which helps the individual funeral directors as well as the funeral homes.