What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

Number one question asked by my clients are, what does hypnosis feel like and they are not sure that they can be hypnotized.

When you are in hypnosis, you are in a trance state.  Trance state feel like when you are very focused on something and you loose yourself in it.  It's like when you are engrossed in a movie, reading a book, playing games, day dreaming...  

For example, when a dancer is really into feeling the music and the movements, they are lost in it. It doesn't mean that they can't snap out of it.  But when you are completely engrossed in something, you are in the moment.  

When you are so moved by a beautiful voice that it gives you goose bumps and can bring you to tears, you are in the moment and really connecting to it.

That's the power of your thoughts and feeling.  Being able to really be in the moment and loose yourself in it, your subconscious and creativity are heightened.  When positive affirmations and therapy are done in this state, changes can be made at a much deeper level.

We have yet to scratch the surface of the power of our mind.  Ever wonder why placebos work?