Can you be Hypnotized?

I often have people tell me that they cannot be hypnotized.  When people make this statement it’s because they think that they are too intelligent to be hypnotized or is unsure what hypnosis really is. 

Actually, hypnotizability is a sign of intelligence and was used extensively by such brilliant artists as Aldous Huxley and Mozart. Learn to navigate in that "in-between", dream-like state, which is part of the normal repertory of human consciousness, and you will be amazed at your hidden abilities and strengths! In a private one on one session, it just becomes a question of how deep are you willing to go in the presence of another person. Most people readily outsource their daily trance to the biggest hypnotizer of all time: television.

There are only three types of people that cannot be hypnotized:

·         A person in a psychotic process or with a thought disorder.

·         A person with a low IQ

·         A person who really does not want to be hypnotized

 Three conditions must be met for a person to benefit from hypnosis:

·         The person must agree to be hypnotized

·         Participate in the process with their full attention

·         Be able to use their imagination or improvise

So, what exactly is Hypnotherapy and how does it work?  In order to really understand the phenomenon of hypnosis – it’s important to first dispel a few of the myths.  It’s not mind control – it cannot make you do something you don’t want to do.

Then the question comes up, how about stage hypnosis… The hypnotist job is to make sure they find those that are going to be the most entertaining, who likes being on stage and are natural clowns. These types of personalities are waiting for the hypnotist to instruct them to do the silliest things and want to get the crowd going.

Because most people are only familiar with stage hypnosis, they are not sure what hypnosis feels like.  The experience can be described as a guided daydream or the achieving of a calming and deep meditation.

Neither the hypnotherapist, nor the hypnosis can make you re-enforce decisions you do not wish to make. Instead, Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can assist you in re-enforcing and strengthening decisions you've already made for yourself and that you want to re-enforce. When you utilize it properly, you can gain significant leverage over unhealthy, unproductive, or unwanted habits.  Especially the ones you often do without thinking – only to catch yourself after the fact. It is proven to overcome pain, improve memory and concentration, conquer bad habits, and free you from fears, phobias, panic, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, depression and low energy. It can empower you to heal emotional trauma and accomplish your goals. It is useful in every area of self-improvement.

Effectiveness of new drugs are tested against the Placebo (sugar pill). If one person can be cured with a sugar pill, then we can all be cured. Our minds are a powerful tool and the power is within all of us.