IRT - Inner Release Technique

I've created a technique where I can help people on a much deeper level of their healing path and being able to release deep seated emotions, feeling and memories. We all have different blocks that hold us back.  

There are usually deep rooted shame, guilt, anger, insecurity, constant negative talk, beating ourselves up and a need for forgiveness and acceptance.  It’s not only forgiving others, but forgiving ourselves and learning to love ourselves on a much deeper level and letting go.

I've come to terms of my many blocks, through meditation.  Through meditation, I now have so much more peace, love and acceptance of who I am, and I wanted to share this experience with as many people as I can, to help them to find this inner peace as well.  

This is why I chose the direction of hypnotherapy for my career.   I know how hard it is for most people to meditate and many give up or don’t know how to get started.  Hypnotherapy is just like guided meditation.  I knew through hypnotherapy I can help people get to that meditative state and find that inner peace.

In fear of judgment and needing to keep up the image, we have walls up and it's hard to articulate and speak on their inner shame, guilt, hurt and many secretes.  We have this outer image that we portray, in order to protect ourselves and to have love, acceptance and respect. The fear that someone can see our deep dark secrets and that we will be rejected and judged, holds us from looking deeply within for our healing.  Even in therapy people filter their words and feeling, because we don't want to be judged.  It may take years in traditional talk therapy to get a client to go deeply and become that vulnerable.

With my new Inner Release Technique, I can help people get to the deep rooted issues so much faster, where the fear of judgment is completely taken out of the equation of finding themselves.  I am able to help release deep rooted emotional blocks and having my client let go in order to start the journey of their healing process.

It's amazing when I see my client go through this experience and I am so excited to help as many people as I can get that true inner soundness that we all deserve.  I am grateful to my family and all my clients and friends.  You have all been there for me and watched me grow as a person and as a hypnotherapist.  I can't say thank you enough.