Looking for Love

I see people who settle with unhappy and unhealthy relationships, people that jump from one relationship into another, or who are constantly looking for their mate…

Our lives are filled with media, entertainment, book, magazines and silly articles about to attract a mate and what love is supposed to looks like.  So we search in vain hoping to find that person who can love us. 

If we take a look at why we look for love from others, we begin to notice things within that tells us we are not already love or loved.

We might think we are not good enough, not attractive enough, not successful enough... It doesn’t matter what we think about ourselves, these are the stories that make us look outside of ourselves for love.  We then go on thinking that we will not be truly happy unless we have someone else that can love us.

So then we believe that we have to fill this void.  We can always jump from person to person who gives us attention, makes us feel special and loved all the time, but this isn’t sustainable. If we always look outside of ourselves to have something fulfilled then we will always be searching.

Even the people that seem to have it all from the outside still have many insecurities.  They may end up chasing for more fame, money, beauty, youth, sex, glamour… in a hopeless chase of finding love and happiness.

Once you realize that you are not your appearance, career, net worth and so forth, the more you begin to NOT rely on those things to love yourself.

As you become more aware of why you think these things about yourself, the more you realize they are stories that we have been fed for a very long time, that we are not good enough.

Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with relationships, but take the time to truly look inside yourself and your self-worth.  If it was meant to be, that special person will come into your life.  But instead of endlessly searching and looking for him or her, look inside. 

In order to have a happy and healthy relationship you must come to a knowing that you are not missing anything.  You are love and have always been.   

You have to love yourself before you can love someone else, is very true.  To have a happy and healthy relationship you have to love yourself first.