Letting go of EGO

There is a difference between self confidence and ego.  Ego is not attractive and it tends to push people away instead of attract positive people to you.

When I meet a person with a huge ego, I wonder what fear and insecurities are behind that persona.

Ego comes from a deep seated fear based emotion.  Fear of rejection, needing approval from others for their self worth.  Self doubts of not wanting anyone to see their insecurities and weaknesses.  

When you are able to let go of deep fear based emotions, it is truly reinvigorating.  To know that we all have our weaknesses and strengths and accepting those qualities are what makes each and everyone of us beautiful.  To know that no one will think less of us but are able to love us even more when we can let down the walls and become vulnerable.  To allow people to love and accept you just the way you are.

The greatest teachers in history are very humble and we can all learn so much from them. Humility goes a long way.  And with humility, we can all connect on a much higher level of love and acceptance.