Loss & Grief

For all those who are grieving...

Birth and death is part of life and no matter your culture or religious believes, we all go through a grieving process and have a feeling of sadness and loss when we lose a loved one.

This universe is energy.  You can replace the word energy to whatever word resonates best with you, God, higher power, energy frequency, realms…  We are all one and woven from the same celestial fabric of life. 

We are brought into this life in our human bodies but there is more to us then the physical flesh. Our flesh may perish but our spirit, energy or essence never dies. 

If energy never dies, it is proof that your loved one’s presence is still very much with you, they have just changed form.

This awareness gives you peace in knowing your loved one is fine and happy. You know that their loving wish is for you to be as happy as they are now.

Every time you think of your loved one, you can think of loving, positive memories, pleasant times, fun times laughing together.

This is what life's all about, creating happy, memorable moments that live on.  Talking about your loved one will be pleasant and makes you feel close to them.  This will help you in your healing process when you lose a loved one.

Feeling so grateful and honored to have had this person in your life, realize the difference they made in your life and everyone else they touched.  And you too have this greatness!

This understanding makes you remember how important you are to the loved ones that are still in this realm; they love and need you very much.

Remember, we are all here for a purpose.  Life is a gift!  Honor your life and look for ways to make a difference, just as your loved one did for you.