Friends I want to attract

We've heard, you are what you eat.  It's the same thing with, you are what you feed your mind. So I feed my mind daily with my affirmations.

Intention / Manifestation list is like a vision board.  It's a list I use for my affirmations.  Not only do I read it and update it as needed on regular basis, I also record it into a mp3 and listen to it regularly.  

I wrote this list as if what I want to manifest had already manifested.  I feel it to every fiber of my being when I meditate with my affirmations and it's amazing how well and quickly you can manifest things, when you believe it to be true.  

The more you make your manifestation real, the more your subconscious believes it is so, and you can't help but attract more positive things into your life.  

I have had so many people ask for my "Friends that I want to attract" list, I wanted to share it with anyone who may also like it.  You can personalize it and also make a list like this for other things that you would like to manifest, like career, relationship, family...  

Friends I want to attract

My friends are successful and help me to become even better.
My Friends are supportive of my goals and are happy to let others know about my services.
My friends are spiritual and resonate with me on a higher level.
My friends are fun, positive, uplifting and I can count on them.
My friends are kind hearted, genuine, grateful and wise.  
I trust my friends and they trust me because we all want the best for one another.  
We are honest and yet we don’t judge one another.
Hope you all enjoy this list.