When we are honest and can admit our flaws, faults and mistakes, it is such an enduring quality, especially if it can help us grow and become even better.  Sometimes tough love is what it takes for us to grow.

It helps to start taking responsibility for our own actions and stop making excuses or placing blame with anyone else.  Take responsibility and becoming truthful with ourselves, especially in the area of our own actions.  Own them.  We alone are responsible for what we do whether we are experiencing happiness or difficulties with our lives.

Realize that they come from you.  Look inside to go beyond the surface and then even a little bit further.  By looking deep inside and becoming honest with ourselves, you realize that you no longer have to rationalize or make excuses for the occurrences of things that happen in our lives.

Realize that in order to change anything in our lives, that change begins with you.  By being honest, and facing the truth, it is only then can change take place.  Who we are today, is a direct result of the decisions that we made yesterday and who we will be tomorrow, will be dependent on the decisions that we make today.

Take the time to examine ourselves and our life to find the things that make you upset or frustrated.  Once we have found these things, we are able to change them and in doing so, progress. 

By looking inside, we can face the truth about ourselves and our actions.  We take responsibility for our actions and no longer make excuses.  We do not blame any other person such as parents, friends, or even society, for our situations or our actions. 

Embrace these concepts happily to find happiness in our lives.  You are in control and responsible for your own destiny.