“You are what you eat”.  When I first heard this, they were referring to the food that you put into your body.  Just as important as what you are putting into your body, have you thought about what are you feeding your mind?

The benefit of positive thinking is medically well established.  Affirmations allow you to consciously utilize the power of positive thinking and direct it to specific areas of your life that need attention or where you want to bring about change. The great news is that affirmations really work and can change your life!

Affirmations and positive thinking are very powerful tools that can bring about healing and change. But negative thoughts are just as powerful and can be very self-destructive. While we have no real control over the world and certain aspects of our lives, we do have control over the way we interpret and react to it.

Our beliefs are just learned thought patterns that we have developed since childhood, many of these work well for us, but others may now be working against us, they are dysfunctional and may be sabotaging us from achieving what we want.

Positive affirmations are more than just repeating words. It is a whole process of becoming aware of your thoughts and words in everyday life.  It helps to become aware of your thoughts, and meditation can help us in the process of getting back in touch with ourselves. Just stopping and taking a second to think about why we are reacting to something or someone can also help us to get back in touch with what is really going on inside.

There are many ways to create and use affirmations.  When creating your new affirmations, they have to be positive and in present tense.  Quite simply, they have to be stated as if you are already experiencing the change you desire.  Take a moment to think about how you would like your life to be.  Write down the things that are most important to you.  For example, a healthy relationship; a rewarding career. 

Using the two examples above the affirmations would look like “my relationship is loving, healthy and happy” and “I have rewarding career which fulfills me on many levels”.  You want to say this to yourself at least twice daily, minimum of when you get up and before you go to bed. 

There are many ways you can use affirmations.  Here is a list of few:

You can say it in front of a mirror while looking at yourself.
By singing or chanting it to yourself.
Saying it in your mind quietly with your eyes closed in a meditative state.
Make a voice recording of them to listen to.
Be aware that when you start this you are very likely to encounter resistance within yourself. You may feel silly, you may find thoughts like “Who are you kidding” when you make a particular affirmation. All of this is perfectly normal, you have been thinking the same kind of thoughts for practically all of your life and they have become a habit. Now you are going to start a new habit and so you will need to practice regularly.

If you suspect you may have a lot of negative thoughts running through your mind subconsciously, then it is worth doing some clearing work while implementing the new positive affirmations.  This can be done through Hypnotherapy and guided meditations.